The Foundation of Confidence

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A great example of where confidence begins is seen in the parable Jesus gave to his disciples at the conclusion of their time of sharing  on the mount. Jesus understood that everyone with him at that time was listening but some would not take heed to what he said. So he shares in a parable of two builders whose homes experienced a great storm.

The parable begins with the contrasting differences in the foundation of each home where one builder dug deep to reach a sure and solid foundation to begin building while the other builder rushed to start building and built without finding a solid foundation. As a result of the storm, the builder's home that did not have a solid foundation was left in ruin while the other builder's home survived. This parable is a great example of the lives of many we see today. Some have a sure and solid foundation in Christ that survives storms while the lives of others are left in ruin.

Yet, a life left in ruin due to a storm can be repaired. This is the confidence that you can have as a follower of Christ as you listen and take heed to his word.

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