A New Family Addition

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The body of Christ has grown over the years by choice or by force. A great example of the body growing out of force dates back to the struggles that the church in Jerusalem experienced after being told by God that they were to spread the gospel to areas outside of their local community. With the use of this great example, Pastor Oliver shares that the body of Christ has been given the responsibility of  growing in different areas with the same mindset of exhorting Christ and saving souls.

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The Foundation of Confidence

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A great example of where confidence begins is seen in the parable Jesus gave to his disciples at the conclusion of their time of sharing  on the mount. Jesus understood that everyone with him at that time was listening but some would not take heed to what he said. So he shares in a parable of two builders whose homes experienced a great storm.

The parable begins with the contrasting differences in the foundation of each home where one builder dug deep to reach a sure and solid foundation to begin building while the other builder rushed to start building and built without finding a solid foundation. As a result of the storm, the builder's home that did not have a solid foundation was left in ruin while the other builder's home survived. This parable is a great example of the lives of many we see today. Some have a sure and solid foundation in Christ that survives storms while the lives of others are left in ruin.

Yet, a life left in ruin due to a storm can be repaired. This is the confidence that you can have as a follower of Christ as you listen and take heed to his word.


A New Plan

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After watching The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, an example of focused passion was revealed in the story of total strangers who grew stronger together. In watching the movie, you witness two individuals who break the veneer that they have been and are living behind. As a result of having such a great effect on each other, they grow from a life of inferiority to walking in confidence. 

This example can be seen in the lives of many but the end result of walking in confidence is not a guaranteed result. Yes the odds may be stacked against them as was the case in The Karate Kid, but the focus and determination needed for victory are factors in becoming triumphant. 

So what are the steps to living a life of confidence? Who or what should confidence be placed in? This will be our topic of discussion over the next few days. 


What Greatness Looks Like

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It's normal for one to desire to be great. To be above par and better than good is the typical dream of any person. However, the acts of working hard, cutting corners, and even stepping over others are tactics used to reach the top. This sad reality can be seen throughout the world everyday and it now seen as the methods by which greatness is attained. Yet, God has a different method of reaching greatness. 

In Paul's letter to Timothy, his son in the ministry, he instructed Timothy how he could become great through God. Paul's instructions applies to us today because we don't have to continue to settle for partial living. Click here to get more information on the instructions Timothy received. 


Our New Store

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We are excited about the launch of our new store. We are now able to provide a larger selection of messages which will enable you to have a great shopping experience. When shopping, you now have the choice of purchasing messages in various formats. If you have an questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We want to hear from you.